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Liability and general instructions for the use of the website

Information on this site are rather general and does not constitue legal advice. Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information and links contained on his website. Due to the pecularities of the internet and the risk of an interruption or abandonnment of the transfer of information, however, any liability in connection with the use of information or reliance on the website is excluded. This does in particular apply, but not exclusively, to the presentation of the contents of legislation and court decisions. Furthermore, the firm Alexej Koschkarow does not assume any liablity for the content of websites referenced by links from ths website.In numerous set texts it concerns the opinion of the respective authors. Please note that the information provided cannot replace legal advice. The provision of information on this website does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Similarly, the information cannot replace legal advice in a specific case. The legal notices on this page and all questions and disputes relating to this website are subject tot he law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

By sending e-mails an attorney-client relationship is not well founded.

We point out that the text, images, graphics and other presentation on this website are copyrighted. Copyright infringement can be prosecuted.

Please note that unencrypted communication via e-mail is uncertain. This applies to both content as well as access of e-mails. It should be noted that a liability for sent messages is excluded. Please contact in cases of deadline our office. Mandate relationships only come into effect through acceptance of Alexej Koschkarow. At unencrypted original transmission of an email, it is assumed that you agree with unencrypted communication, unless you want a different way of communication. To encoded transmission of information via e-mail, we recommend special software, such as PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or GnuPG. If you have questions please contact us.

Downloading or printing individual pages and / or sections of our web sites for personal use is permitted. The total or partial reproduction, distribution, transmission (electronically or otherwise), modification or use of this site for public or commercial purposes, however, is prohibited without our prior written consent.